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Look into the future: how our homes will be in 5 years


How our life styles will affect the way we are living?

Housing price is currently increasing for the second time in 2017. In the next 5 years, we are expecting the trend of long-term rent rather than having ones since demands are high but supplies are limited and expensive in Singapore.

With this opportunity, people will become either more nomadic to travel to other places to stay or hard-working due to high living standard in current country.

Smart but small kitchens

As the same trend goes over the years, the kitchen sizes are getting smaller as it costs less to eat out rather than home cook. This is something very different in Singapore as compare to other first world countries where restaurant foods cost so much more.
Kitchen like this will be disappeared and replaced by a more multifunctional such as technological integrated system that can transform stove into a flat surface or a microwave can be used as an oven toaster. Moreover, less human touch will be involved in the cooking process as they can be done automatically by temperature monitoring.

Project by Dzign Station

Time-saving on cleaning.

Smart surfaces that are dirt-proof, grease-proof (kitchen area) will reduce the amount of time cleaning around the house. Eventhough dishwashers have been existing for years, the current problem is the time spent on pre-washing dishes before putting into the appliance. Thus, we are expecting in 5 years a series of kitchen and other household appliances that can fully operate without any assistance from the user.

Project 32 Ghim Moh Link by Superhome Design

Flexible space

With the rising of block chain technology, more jobs will be done from home through live group communication. Confidential data can be accessed from anywhere in the world through encrypted channel. Thus, we will expect more flexible floor plan to cater our changing needs daily. Open-space concept will dominant other interior design’s trends since it provides the flexibility in configure the space as we want it.

Project Bishan by Met Interior


Smart Furniture

With smaller apartment, we will not be able to have so much furniture, decoration. Thus, there will be a high demand on multifunctional furniture that can transform or switch between two or more types of furniture. We have already seen a lot of work-in-progress smart designs being advertised all over the internet. These are expecting to be in the market in 2018.


The rise of technology

Technology will be a big part of all our home appliances, devices, even decorations such as photo frames, lighting fixtures. Touchable devices that can be activated through voice recognition have already applied in many homes across Singapore. With voice recognition appliances, user can now speak, gives orders to the fridge to increase temperature, the television to switch channels. Although these are very limited (for the manufacturers are still testing the market), we are certain that these will soon sold at cheaper price with more supplies on the market.


More greenery:

With the constant growth in economy as well as the population, Singapore land will be soon covered with all high rise buildings and housings for the locals as well as the foreigners. Thus, we will see the nature integrated in our living space in many creative ways such as floating garden, vertical grassland, floral balcony.  

Project Ecopolitan by Modern Haus Renaissance

Project Still Mansion by Feraph Atelier