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How to clean your house under 10 minutes


Nothing feels better than coming back to a squeaky-clean home after a tiring day at work. But if your house is not clean, let’s us show you some tips how to speed-clean your house in under 10 minutes to soothe your stressed mood away.

The kitchen

A sink with full of dirty dishes can be an immediate turn-off to anyone stepping into the kitchen. This doesn’t even mention about hygiene level of the house environment. Thus, first thing first, wash your dishes before starting to do anything else. You would save so much time if you have a dishwasher, all you need to do is to clear up all the clean dishes and fill up with those used ones.

After having all your dishes clear away, you are definitely hungry and ready to eat dinner. While waiting for foods to be cooked, this is the best time to pick up a clean, damp microfiber cloth to wipe over everything in the kitchen. If you want the counter top to be extra clean, you can use spray solution to sanitize before wiping.

Project 431 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 by My Reno Diary

The living room

After making the kitchen look presentable, let’s move on to the living room where the mess is ugly and needed ultimate attention. Pick up an empty basket or container to throw everything that not in their rightful places. These containers will be later (during the time when you are free) sorted out. If your sofas are dirty, you can use a dust roller to run over the fabric surface. Not only this is quick but also eliminate naughty particles sticking onto the surface.

In addition, if the supermarket is still opened, pick up some fresh flowers to decorate the living room or anywhere else in the house.

Project The Luxurie by Imagine by SK66

Feeling fresh at the front door

An effort-free way to make the house clean and fresh is to have an air-purifier with natural scents such as jasmine, lavender, ect. Not only these will chase away the odor from the kitchen but also to make you feel calm and cozy. 

Project East Coast by Sunhup Interior

The Bedroom

Move on to the bedroom. Having the bed made in the morning is the first habit you should build for yourself when you are a lazy cleaner. Besides doing the bed, you should take away all the dirty clothes laying on the floor and bring them to the washing machine. You don’t have to wash them all right now but to place them there is a great way to keep the house out of unwanted smell and harmful atmosphere.

Project Sky Park Residence by Summit Design Studio

The Bathroom:

Cleaning the bathroom requires longer time than just 10 minutes. Thus, we would not recommend you to clean it up after a long day at work but temporarily, changing new towels inside the bathroom will give you a sense of cleanliness. Also, lighting up some candles and changing new flowers for the bathroom will make your mood go happier.

Project Still Mansion by Feraph Atelier