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Guide to 2018 dining room trends


 Dining but not dining?

Nowadays when dining room becomes something a little too expensive to afford for many Singaporean’s homeowners, a dining corner stuck away in a common area can serve the function well while still remaining useful for day-to-day activities.

Creating an integration of dining area and common area is not easy due to no clear division between the dining lounge and the living room. However, with smart choice of furniture in term of shapes and colors, the owner can strike the right balance.

Key points:

  • Choose a round table in contrast with rectangular/square coffee table or otherwise.
  • Use decorations as partitions such as plants, foldaway dividers.
  • Choose similar color palette to make a nook blend in with the living space.


Project by Imagine by SK66

Dining room is gathering area?

Gone are the days when dining room is just too rigid with all uniform chairs, table, dishes and even cutleries. Staying classy is luxury but is that necessary when modern dining experience should be relaxing, homie and comfortable?

Many people would be afraid to make big changes in the dining area since guest types can vary from the elderly to youngsters. Thus having a few different chair types to switch arou88668nd can be a great way to fix this problem.

Key points:

- Social gatherings such as theme parties, celebrations: opting to benches to accommodate more seating capacities while making sure it is cozy, comfortable, and low-key.

- Formal gatherings such as union dinners, wedding dinners: opting to leather, soft fabric chairs to ensure formality.

Project 505 Bukit Batok by My Reno Diary


Project 635A Senja Road by Superhome Design

Playing around with chairs? Why not?

Following the early point about switching around with chairs, houseowners also have option to mix match chair colors, materials to create a more playful environment especially when there are children around. One of the important points to note here is to go wild in your selections but maintain a focal point for the theme. For example: If the dining table is made of woods, you should choose color matching wooden chairs in different shapes, with fabric covers or none. By doing this way, there is at least a subtle tie all the knots together without creating clutter in your design and furniture arrangement.


Project 615B Kea Hong Link by My Reno Diary

Modern dining style is not as the same as it used to be. Rather than cutting down on living space to squeeze in a dining room which does not serve practical usages other than eating, nowadays dining area has become more relaxing and provides multi-purpose functions for houseowners.


Project 218C Boon Lay Ave 4 by Desire Houzz

Funky or classy lighting fixtures?

We all know it’s a must to have good lighting in the dining area. But how’s about dining fixtures?

The rule of thumb here is to go with the theme but add a little difference. In short, the piece should be recessed lights for industrial theme but colorful LED lights from violet to deep blue. In addition, you can add a little metallic or glitter material for the lighting fixtures. On the other hand, a funky hanging light can be a great choice for formal dining room when it’s in the same color palette with the dining room.



Project Yishun by Summit Design Studio


Project Asher Want Studio