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Guide to choose perfect window treatments


Choosing window treatments can be daunting if you are first time homeowner. But no worries, our trusted home professionals are here to give you the ultimate guide to pick the best one for you.


Of course, windows are for bringing light to the house, making it brighter and more spacious. Having a window treatment is to easy manage the source of light coming in to the house. However, if the purpose is just purely for managing sunlight, why not we just use a piece of clothes over the hole on the wall instead?

Now you figure the real function of window treatment is to add aesthetic value to the living space.

Project Bedok South Ave 1 by Design 2 U

Know your window treatment options

Anyone with experience will know there is a sea of options available for window treatment. If you are making decision all by yourself in your home renovation, here are the most basic types for your preferences:

· Blinds: This is the most affordable choice among all, available in various materials such as wood, plastic, metals, etc. It’s easy to clean and move around. However, there are few styles to choose.

· Shades: Soften look than blind since materials are mostly fabric. This type of treatment is more flexible since it is available in 3 types: roller, honey comb or roman with different types of folds and opacity. However, it is more expensive than blinds.  Shades are made of fabric and come in varying levels of opacity. They are slightly more expensive than blinds and come in three main types:

  • Drapes:The most popular treatment on the market thus prices are more competitive, depends on materials, colors and patterns. They can be handmade or mass-produced. 
  • Shutters:  the most expensive one. This is due to the delicacy in woodwork. Since the market is niche, sizes and finishes are very limited. Thus it is best to have it customized to meet your expectation.

Project 31 Tampines by Living Gaia

Having your measurements ready

After browsing around different types of window treatments and deciding on the suitable one for each window, the next step is to write down measurements to take them to the store with you. However, if you are unsure about the measurements, you always can call up the store to have someone assisted you. The most important question to ask is whether you want it to be custom-made or choosing the ready-made with the best fit.

Project 615B Keat Hong Link by My Reno Diary


Now comes to the hardest decisions of them all: choosing the color, patterns, and materials. Again, this partly depends on your budget and partly the house theme. Here are general rules for each type:

  • Blinds and shades: Choose the color that matches your room dominant color. If you are not sure, go for clean white for safest option.  
  • Drapes: Usually drapes come with two layers, one is sheer, transparent; and the other is thicker, blackout feature. Similar to blind and shades, choose the one that either neutral or matches with the room color.
  • Shutters: Wood type either matches the window bars or any wooden item placed inside the room.

Project Yishun by Summit Design Studio

Word of wisdom: Many homeowners think about window treatments when the frame of the house is built with wallpaper and all. Our designers think otherwise. No matter whether you are short on budget for home renovation, you always consider this item at the same time as you are choosing your wall paint. Sometimes you can end up paying more just because certain materials or colors are only made-to-order. You will never know.