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How to make over a child’s bedroom in the weekend


Kids change their minds as fast as their height. When it comes to redesign your kid room, it can be described as a joyful yet painful experience at the same time. But thanks to an influx of online home design inspirations and more affordable furniture items, parents are now facing less pressure doing makeover for their children’s bedrooms. Below are a few easy steps to follow that are proven to maximize functionality and creativity

  1. Mix and match bedding

If your kids are in the transition from adolescence to teenage, it’s important to store away cartoon characters patterns to replace with more lively charming bed covers. For a shared bedroom, patterns can be similar or slight different depends on your child’s preferences. However, do not forget matching the decorating scheme is as equally important. Hence, you should first choose the patterns yourself and then offer for your children to choose. By this way, either choice will still match the bedroom theme.

Project by Asher Want Studio

Project The Anchourage by Design Houzz

  1. Maximizing storage space

Of course, you can just install hooks behind the door to hang more decorations or used clothes. It is practical for small room with no space for cabinet or floating shelves. However, if your wall is empty, why not install floating shelves to put away toys laying around the floor? Or if you already have a standing shelf for books collection, you can add a few more row to the shelf to increase its capacity.

In addition, IKEA also offers storage system that are user-friendly and can be applied to anywhere inside the wardrobe. All you need is a screwdriver, a hammer, and nails to start off right.

A smart design double-decked bed can be practical in term of maximizing storage space when it offers under-bed shelves for anything from books, toys, to photo frames.

Project Sunflower Condo by Summit Design Studio

  1. A comfort area.

Kids like to lay and roll around the house no matter it’s hard or soft surface. Sometimes, they get themselves injured by hitting hard surface. Therefore, marking the play area with all rugs, stuffed toys and lego figures can be inviting to children to spend more time there. The great thing about using rugs rather than plastic mat is that they are easy to clean and has no plastic-odor, which can be very harmful to child’s lungs. Also, rugs come with variety of colors and designs which can be replaced when your children has no longer favored the old one.

Project 291 Compassvale Street by Imagine by SK66

  1. Cute Wallpapers

Children love cartoon characters wallpapers. This, indeed, is one of the best strategies parents use to keep their children entertained. Popular patterns are usually those that are from famous animation movies such as Cars, Pricess Fiona, Hello Kitty, etc. These are foolproof patterns that works for any children. (Sometimes, even adults). Moreover, wallpaper can be an excellent way to cultivate imagination in kids, trigger dreams and goals to become someone great in the future.

Project Condo Forestville by Living Gaia