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Walk-in closet: When your childhood’s dream comes true


If you are one of the lucky few who have a walk-in wardrobe – an admitted glam – you should style it to impress. 

With wide selection of storage designs on the market, it’s not difficult to get the skeleton done, however, the hardest part is to create personal statement to your area of vanity. Inviting, charming, luxurious, fashionista is the key theme for your preferences. Do you want to make it look like a high-end boutique? Or a classic dolly style?

It’s all down to 5 strategies bellow:

  1. Seating:

Any clothing shop in the department store has a seating area for customers to sit down and try on their favorite shoes or putting on trousers. But not just any regular chair, a comfy, dedicated design stool will not only add the luxe to the room but also useful when it comes to reaching up to higher shelves.

  1. Grouping:

If you are one of those who has a to-die-for shoes collection, why not group them into a glass covered shelves? Not only this can protect your valuable shoes collection but also allows you to find the right pair as it is shown like a gallery.

Project Hillsta Condo by Living Gaia

Displaying like this also a great strategy for purses and handbags as well.

Project Bartley Ridge Condo by Imagine by SK66

  1. Hang a ceiling light:

A chandelier in a walk-in wardrobe will create a fabulous effect to the eyes and the heart. Here, the violet color seat, wooden floor, vibrant yellow color from the chandelier add statement to the owner. Also, notice how black built-in shelves can be a great background to highlight shoes and purses just like how they are placed in the boutique stores.

  1. Go big or go home:

Dedicating a room with just clothing is only seen in landed properties since they offer more space. The introduction of chest of drawers, recessed ceiling lights, fancy sliding glass door can be exaggerating to some people. But hey, if you are a fashionista and have extra budget for your dream closet, why not build it to show off your entire empire of clothing collection?

In this fancy dressing area of Living Gaia’s project, the stunning glamourous chest of drawer placed in the middle of the room in glossy wooden finish has definitely brought this room to the next level.

  1. Add extra comfort:

It’s all about personal enjoyment when it comes to walk-in closet. Introducing a synthetic furry rug can create the softness to the touch, inviting feeling. A beige to white color rug on top of wooden floor is a great match since it contrasts the overall background of the room; other creative color matches can be: black – white, blue-white, etc. In addition, a few pillows put on the seating area can give you a sense out of this world to a place where you can be yourself, hassle-free, only relaxation.