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Top 6 tips for a micro-sized bedroom


A mini bedroom can still be as functional, spacious looking yet charming at the same time. With the available of storage solution furniture, smart use of color palette and a little knowledge in furniture arrangement. You still can achieve a bedroom of your dream just as the one from the magazine.


  1. Discard unused items.

As always, the first thing you have to do is to clear up unnecessary items in your bedroom. The trick here is to put everything in a box and slowly figure out whether they are useful to you. Ask yourself this question: Am I going to use this item within the next 6 months? If the answer is yes then keep it. If the answer is no, discard the item away or keep it in the storage. Also, in your bedroom, you only need a bed, table, chair, and a wardrobe. Everything that is not these items means that it’s not necessarily important to you.

Project Studio Sky Park Residence by Summit Studio Design


  1. Maximize storage.

When it comes to storage, beds with hidden drawers are the best strategy to save space and store more items without creating clutter. Also, if you are thinking about choosing a loft-bed, consider those that are corner-friendly like the one below.

Project Treasure Trove by Imagine by SK66

This bed design is extremely practical because of two reasons:

  • It’s as the same color as the wall; which makes it camouflage to the background. Seamless look brings limitless space.
  • Shelves under the bed offer a variety of storage ideas, from books to decoration items to photo frames and pot of plants.


  1. Integrated designs.

Floating shelves can be used as a desk, at the same time a built-in television hanger. With experienced professional, inspirations for smart designs to utilize space seem to be endless. Take a look at the bed area below:



Project Bartley Ridge Condo by Imagine by SK66

There are three reasons why this design is deserved a point 4.5/5:

  • Hollow space under bed can be used as a storage area.
  • The use of mattress-only allows versatility as can be folded/moved away when more space is needed.
  • Floating shelf offers multipurpose usages: study, work, storage.
  • It’s chic and practical at the same time.


  1. Use a mirror.

A big standing mirror can create an illusion of multi-layer of space especially when it faces the windows or main source of lighting in the room.

Project Bartley Ridge Condo by Imagine by SK66

Meanwhile, this design from Imagine by SK66 goes with built-in mirror placed on top of the bed gives a sense of 5 dimensions room when stepped in.


  1. Let in natural light.

A bright room with ample sunlight can make a room more lively and airy. Moreover, when windows are designed in such a way that covers up to 90% of one side of the room with no or a few bars, it creates an inside-outside connection.

Project Studio Sky Residences by Summit Design Studio


  1. Create visual impact.

In a micro bedroom, a macro decorative item can divert attention from the actual size of the room. Take a look at the room below, don’t you agree that the big painting has caught your attention at the first that distorts your attention to the room’s mini size?

Project 31 Tampines by Living Gaia