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6 Common Decoration Mistakes and Solutions


1. Industrial style wall? Are there enough lights?

The dark look of inky indigos, black metal, rocky color has recently a trend in renovation industry. Not only because it adds sleekness to the living space but also makes it stand-out among the rest of the neighborhood. However, this gloomy color can be depressing, if there are not enough lights or not enough shades of lights.

Solutions: Bulbs with different color tones from yellow to white are excellent ideas to create focal point in different parts of the house. Recessed lights or hanging ceiling lights help to divert light directions and shoo away the blues in the interior design of the house.

Project 635A Senja Road by Superhome Design

Project Upper Thomson Road by Design Houzz

2. Too many decoration items on the shelves.

“Sometimes, less is more” – this is true when it comes to show-cashing your collection of beautiful décor items you have. You do not want to jam your shelves with too many mismatching duos or trios in shape and color that just look like a mess.

Solution: Clear everything on your shelves and start off with the most beautiful and meaningful list of items to you, limits to 3-5 pieces depending on the length of your shelf. Next, you will need to add contrast to your shelf in order to highlight those items. If your items are colorful, the shelf should be painted in white.

Project Still Mansion by Feraph Atelier

3. Light color sofas and a house full of pets and kids?

White, bright color sofas can become biggest enemy to your beautiful house if it’s full of pet fur or dust from children’s feet jumping upon. Also, it is hard to avoid visible stain on the fabric even just a very mild, light stain since sofa is the most frequently used furniture in the house.

Solution: Unless you are the master of cleaning fabric, you need to engage professionals to treat all the stains completely. Also, after having all stains removed, remember to treat your sofas with aerosol sprays to add layer of protection to its surface.

Project by Met-Interior

4. Your dining room looks too dressy and rigid.

Common areas such as dining room, living room are where social interaction takes place. Thus, having a dressy style dining room or too much details living room can create unnecessary stiffness to your guests.

Solution: Most often, it all comes to the art of arrangement – how the furniture is arranged. Sometimes, to avoid lack of space, owner can arrange chairs and tables in a way that it too tight and leave no space in between. Also, too many layers of table cloth or glossy golden cutleries are just not elegant at all. Instead, it just gives a sense that the host is just trying to show-off their fancy kitchenware eventhough it’s not. Thus, remember the rule of thumb “less is more”.

Project 673A Yishun Ave 4 Fern Grove by Superhome Design

Project by Asher Want Design

5. Too many paintings can be painful.

This art decoration mistake is the most common when it comes to decoration. Often, the problem comes when there are too many pictures, paintings, photo frames everywhere in the house. Eventually, the house becomes more like a museum rather than a living environment.

Solution: Leave one or two photo frames to decorate each room, the rest you can store them in the storage to switch around from time to time. For paintings, pictures, try to choose one painting to feature each room that is matched with the wallpaper and overall setup mood.  In addition, hanging art pieces at the right position is important that it is needed to be eye-level but not too high or too low.

Project 673A Yishun Ave 4 Fern Grove by Superhome Design

Project Lloyd Residence by Design2U

6. Same old style.

We all have our own preferences when it comes to styling our houses. But is it too boring if you have been so loyal with your home interior design for years? Same vintage look, same white wall-painting, same type of sofas, etc.

Solution: Engage professionals to give you suggestion about current trend in home design, browsing around renovation portal to find inspiration of how other’s home look like.  Even if you have no budget for remodeling, you can make small changes by re-arranging furniture, buying new items, giving a fresh coat to your wall.

Project 431 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 by MyReno Diary

Project 207A Punggol by Summit Design Studio